The Wyoming Department of Health is warning residents to be cautious of online companies promising extra speedy access to Wyoming vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates.

"We frequently receive complaints from customers who have used companies claiming they can quickly get official certificates even though our office is the only source of these documents," said Guy Beaudoin with Vital Statistics Services.

Beaudoin estimates there are about 10 websites offering vital records services, at least three of which ask for social security numbers.

"We do not request (social security numbers)," he said.  "This is likely an effort to scam applicants by dishonestly gathering their personal information."

"We’ve also heard of companies accepting money and then doing absolutely nothing in response or sending outdated forms or information to customers," he added.

Beaudoin says his office charges no more than $20 for official documents, but secondary providers charge much more.

"One site is currently charging $157 and all they do is send the customer a copy of our application form,” Beaudoin said.

"We do not want anyone to be fooled by the unrealistic service claims these online-based companies make and we don’t want them to pay unneeded high fees," he added.


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