Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and holocaust survivor Estelle Nadel told South High School students Wednesday that even though the holocaust happened more than 60 years ago, it still holds important lessons for today's world. Mead told the students that it's important to understand that events such as the holocaust start out as seemingly small incidents that eventually lead to something much worse. The governor said one lesson is that it's important to speak out against evil before it can get worse. Nadel spoke about being a 7 year old child when the Nazis invaded Poland. She lost both parents as well as several siblings, and at one point survived by breaking out of jail with one of her brothers before they were scheduled to be shot the next day. She was eventually was able to migrate to the U-S with two of her brothers. Nadel says even though the holocaust happened long ago, she hopes that remembering those events will keep similar things from happening today, adding that even now some nations are experiencing persecutions of various ethnic and religious groups, much like the holocaust. Mead and Nadel spoke to the students as part of the Governor's Annual Holocaust Memorial Program.