Republican voters in Sweetwater County Precinct 5-4 will have to vote again on August 31 to determine the winner of the primary election in Wyoming House District 18.

That's according to Kai Shon, Election Director for the Wyoming Secretary of State. Shon says the problem is that on primary election day, voters in precincts 5-3 and 5-4 were voting at the same place, but had some different races, including for the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Election workers mistakenly gave out precinct 5-3 ballots to people with last names starting with the letters A-K and 5-4 ballots to those voters with last names starting with the letters L-Z.

The ballots should have been given out on the basis of which precinct the voters lived in. Shon says a total of 98 incorrect ballots were given out before the mistake was discovered around 1:30 pm on election day. Of that total 60 ballots were Republican voters.

Because the final result showed Thomas Crank defeating Scott Heiner by 42 votes, it's possible Heiner could overtake Crank by winning a big majority of the people given incorrect ballots.

No other election results would be changed by the 60 votes in question, according to Shon.

The Crank-Heiner primary is the only undecided result for the 2016 Wyoming Primary.

All other results have been certified by the state canvassing board.