A 34-year old man named Antonio Soriano was injured from an explosion that occurred at an oil production site. Soriano was working at the site when it happened.

According to the Casper Star Tribune, the October 31st explosion was due to a pump house and two empty 400 pound barrel tanks along S. Highway 59. Soriano's injuries are mainly to his face and hands. After initially being taken to Campbell County Hospital, Soriano was immediately transferred to Banner Rehabilitation Center in Greeley, CO.

Soriano's wife, Isabelle, is with him, but will need to commute between Gillette, WY and Greeley, CO as she has their three kids to look after of ages 16, 13, and 8.

The GoFundMe page that has been set up for Antonio Soriano is raising funds for travel expenses and medical co-pays that may result due to the extent of Soriano's injuries from the tragic accident. The GoFundMe post reads:

Antonio Soriano was the injured employee of the explosion that happened on October 31st in S Highway 59. He was transported to Campbell County Hospital, and immediately transferred to Banner Rehabilitation Medical center in Colorado due to his burnt injuries. His wife, and children are devastated. His wife is currently with him but will soon need to commute between Colorado and Gillette to work and care for their children. This go fund me was created with his family in mind. His wife will be the only one providing for their family while Mr. Soriano is undergoing surgery, treatment, and his recovery. This fund will be used for traveling expenses, and any other unforeseen expense, like medical co-pays that can arise from this tragic accident.

The GoFund Me page has a goal listed of $10,000 and in just seven days, $6,330 has been raised. To donate, please go visit the Antonio Soriano explosion injury relief fund.

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