When guys are emotionally detached from their gals and see what they think to be a practical gift, doesn't always resonate with their significant other.  Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight 5 items that guys should stay away from when considering what to buy for their gals.

  1. A Lint Roller - Although you may think that she needs this to remove cat and dog hair from her coats and blouses, you will certainly offend her and find your self in the dog house for a little while. You'll be needing that lint roller when you get out.
  2. A Coffee Mug - I know you think you'll impress her with a coffee mug, as if she doesn't have enough already, with her name on it. Don't even be tempted by the coffee mugs that show her name in 35 different languages. Trust me, it's a failure.
  3. Car Washing Kit - OK, what kind of message are sending to her? You're basically telling her, "Now you have no excuse to get your nasty, over-sized purse you call a car, washed." Practical yes - a good idea? Not so much.
  4. Roll On Deodorant - If you don't know what to stuff in her stoking, ask someone. This is the worst kind of guess work.
  5. A Diet Cook Book - A cookbook may be fine if she enjoys cooking. But I would shy away from the "Eat And Shave Fat" cookbooks. And whatever you do, don't accompany it with a scale.

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