Slowly but surely, gas prices have been dipping for Wyoming. The national average also took a slight dip as well. However, the question remains, will gas prices take a big dip now that oil prices are beginning to take a stark drop off?

The statewide average gas price for Wyoming dropped from $3.46 per gallon one week ago to $3.44. Sure, it's not a huge drop, but all the same, it's a decline. The national average also fell from $3.41 per gallon in that time to $3.37.

Oil prices have fallen more than $10 a barrel recently below $68 each. Recently, there's been the big news about the Omicron variant of COVID and many are wondering if this will have any effect on gas prices in the near future. Here's what AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross had to say about a potential gas price fall-off:

It’s too soon to tell if fears of a global economic slowdown caused by the Omicron variant will push oil prices lower for the long term...But for now, the upward pricing pressure due to tightened supply and high demand seems to have abated, and that will likely result in pump prices stabilizing.

Southeast Wyoming remains one of the cheapest regions in the Cowboy State to get gas as the average gas price in Laramie County is currently $3.35 per gallon, which is down from $3.38 last week. In Albany County, the average price has gone down to $3.04 per gallon, which is down eight cents from $3.12 last week.

In Cheyenne, the cheapest gas is at the Walmart on Livingston for $3.19 per gallon, while in Laramie, the cheapest gas is at $2.79 per gallon at the Tumbleweed Express on Bluebird Ln. The Conoco on Snowy Range Rd has gas for $2.89, according to Gas Buddy.

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