7:07AM MDT: KIDS AT RISK...Child advocate John Frentheway and Licensed Professional Counselor, Renne' Hanson join host Dave Chaffin today to discuss a government agency's decision to allow over-the-counter purchases of a morning-after pill for anyone 15 and older.Some critics have complained girls that young should not be allowed to purchase the pills without a doctor's approval. But Obama told a news conference in Mexico City that the decision was based on "solid scientific evidence."The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday appealed a court order directing the agency to make morning-after emergency contraception pills available without a prescription to all girls of reproductive age.Lawyers with the Justice Department filed the appeal with the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, according to court documents.The appeal is the latest foray in the years-long legal battle over the pill known as "Plan B," a drug that has also sparked political and religious clashes. If taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, it is designed to prevent pregnancy.

8:07AM MDT WYOMING PERSPECTIVES... Attorney Steve Klein will join Dave. He plans to discuss his current free speech case and the progress they are making. He’s been working on this for some time and will update us on his progress

9:07AM MDT: Greta Morrow from The Day of Giving will be back and she continue to update us on this years event coming a week from today. Focus:     One of the ways Day of Giving helps those who are sick is through having a big blood drive as part of the event.   One blood donation can help many people.

Gerry McGowen:  Gave lots of blood when he was healthy and now, as a cancer patient, he receives blood frequently.


When asked to give blood years ago - Knew it was needed and that he could do it – So he did!


              Wanted to help people – took less than an hour, even with the interview


Now has lung and liver cancer and is in chemotherapy

Chemotherapy every three weeks

Has needed whole blood and platelets.

Grateful for people who have given blood – Makes him feel very much better

              Has received blood three times this year  - Gets three units each time


Says the blood he is receiving is helping to extend his life

              More time with Naomi, wife of 52 years

              Time with children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren


Encourages anyone who can to give blood at Day of Giving or DDA event

              Call Greta Morrow at 635-3943 for an appointment

              Call United Blood Services at 638-3326


Phyllis Michaud – President of Day of Giving Board – Who to call to give blood and other reminders

Encourages blood donors to help Day of Giving!   Need 90 donors at the Day of Giving!

Call numbers above – Greta or United Blood Services

Also can give at United Blood Services between May 7 and May 18 in the name of the Day of Giving          


DDA JumpStart event on May 7 and 8  - Need 34 blood appointments for that day!

Drop off donations at Depot from noon to 6 each day

Give Blood from 3 to 6 on the 7th and from 1 to 3 on the 8th.  Just call 638-3326 for appt.


              Other reminders:

                             Will have drop-off service on May 10.  Hope people will come in but if no time, we will help!

                            Have a donor line set up for the entire month of May – 307-705-5626

 Call to make a pledge or a donation.

 Money raised will help with year-round activities

We survey agencies regularly and help with needs of clients not covered by           budget

 Help ten local agencies with things like food, underwear, cleaning supplies, personal care items.