7:07AM MST: Child advocate John Frentheway and Licensed Professional Counselor, Renee' Hanson join host Dave Chaffin in our popular "Kids-At-Risk" series to talk about talking with our kids about drugs and alcohol. By now you probably know that drugs and alcohol present an insidious threat to your children. But did you know that you are the crucial element in preventing your children from suffering the harm that substance abuse can bring? Healthy communication at home is the best means of setting your children down the path to a promising future free of alcohol and drug abuse. Glenn Williams from Focus on The Family says in a recent article, "If I were teaching this material to a roomful of parents, this is the point where I would expect a voice to pipe up in about the sixth row. "Excuse me," the voice would say. "I get what you've been saying, but I have a question: How do I get started in talking with my children about drugs and alcohol?" And that would be a very good question. So we'll be looking at some key guidelines that will get you going.

8:07AM MST: Join us in our "Wyoming Perspectives" series. Economist Sven Larson and Wyoming Liberty Group Director, Susan Gore will be on with us to discussion education and what's is happening now in Wyoming and in the legislature.  Education is such a hot topic right now, and Susan is very passionate about it, so expect a great show!

9:07AM MST End of Week Open Lines...Our special segment where you are the guest and you pick the topic. Just pick up the phone and call Dave at 1-888-503-6500 toll free and locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.

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