Forward Greater Cheyenne has launched a plan to help make the area a more prosperous and vibrant place to live, work and do business.

Community leaders on Thursday unveiled an implementation plan detailing ​eight strategic initiatives designed to help Greater Cheyenne achieve its vision for the future and provide greater opportunities for generations to come.

The initiatives consist of:

  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Greenway Transformation
  • LCCC Expansion
  • Cheyenne Center for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Retention, Expansion, and Attraction
  • Community Beautification
  • Pride, Engagement, and Attachment
  • Regional Assets and Infrastructure

"Representatives from the private sector, the public sector, our community colleges, the city, the county, our state leaders, have met over the year to collectively develop a forward-thinking plan," said Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr.

"I ask for our community's full engagement in meeting the milestones that will be set," added Orr.

Each area of focus will be held accountable through a team of strategy coordinators who will report regularly to a collective body.

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