A 50-year-old Fort Morgan man is being accused of trying to kidnap a woman on a first date last weekend.

That's according to a post on the Weld County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

According to the post, Bryan Micheal Zima traveled to the woman's home in the 42000 block of Weld County Road number 10, about 14 southeast of Roggen on Saturday.

According to the post, the two had met on the "Zoosk" dating site and were having their first date at her home. The pair had a couple of alcoholic drinks while watching the sunset, then went inside her home. Zima then said he was spooked by "something" he saw in the woman's basement. He then pulled out a gun and demanded that the woman leave with him in his car. But she was able to come up with an excuse, at which time she went back into her house, locked herself in her cellar, and called 911.

With help from deputies, she was able to call Zima and get him to admit on the phone that he had held a gun to her head and tried fore her into his car. Zima was contacted by deputies the next t day, at which time he allegedly admitted the crime to them.

He was arrested on Sunday on initial charges of second-degree kidnapping and menacing, both felonies, and a misdemeanor charge of harassment.

He was released to pre-trial supervision on bond, awaiting possible formal charging by the Weld County District Attorney's Office. In the post, the sheriff's department says the incident should serve as a warning against inviting strangers into your home or business.

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