The Denver hip hop and rock band Flobots are slated to perform in Cheyenne for the annual "Rock The Block" concert on June 22.

The concert will be held in the lot behind the Majestic Building (Paramount Cafe) under the blue bison mural. According to a new release from the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority:

"Flobots are a hip hop and rock band from Denver who found mainstream success with their major label debut Flight with Tools (2007), featuring the single “Handlebars”. “Handlebars” became a popular hit on Modern Rock radio in April 2008. The band has released four studio albums, with their latest Noenemies, which was released in 2017. According to their website, “Armed with musicianship, intelligence, and an ingrained sense of rebellion, Flobots are looking to engage a new musical culture, one mind at a time.

RedSwing is a four-man band which consists of seasoned musicians with various backgrounds who all have one common interest. RedSwing’s music covers a lot of bases in terms of genre. “It’s all rock based,” the band says, “but you can find small nods to many other musical styles throughout our set.” The band will say their lyrics generally fall in line with standard rock topics but also wander into fictional stories and moments that create memories.''

Redswing will open for Flobots. Food and beer will be available from vendors at the concert.




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