Flipping houses has been a pretty popular activity for decades. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to flip them.

Whether you are an investor, real estate agent, builder or just someone that wants to make some extra money, there are many things to know and many unexpected turns that you’ll uncover when flipping a house.

In this episode of "Flippin' Cheyenne," Lynn and Gary Freeman examine a house that is literally using dining table legs as support beams. But no task is too daunting for Lynn. She not only takes the house by storm, but she turns it into a fairy-tale home that consumers are dying to enter.

Here is to the second house in Cheyenne tackled by Lynn and Gary. No big budgets. No Hollywood lights. Just the real deal.

Find out about each houses challenges and how Lynn works through them. You’ll learn about how to bid, stick to a budget and how to turn one man’s junk into another woman’s treasure.

Take a look at the video above and join us in our journey in Flippin’ Cheyenne.

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