There are fish stories and then there are fish realities. This is that second one. Two fishermen combined their efforts to land a monster trout on the Wyoming side of the Flaming Gorge recently and I have the pics to prove it.

Special thanks to guide Shane DuBois and fisherman Chris Covell for the pics that were originally shared by Flaming Gorge Resort a few days ago.

Shane DuBois is a guide at Cedar Springs Marina. I reached out to him and he explained that it was his client Chris Covell's fish. Here's Chris with this monster trout also.

Photo courtesy of Shane DuBois
Photo courtesy of Shane DuBois

Shane explained how this fish battle went down via Facebook Messenger:

I'm a guide at flaming gorge and my client finished the fight off. I hooked the fish and fought it for a few minutes until my client came and I passed the rod off to him...He wanted me to have a photo with it since it was our fish. His name is Chris Covell...looking back I wish we would have gotten a photo together.

Shane wanted to clarify that this is Chris Covell's fish. He's just the guide (albeit obviously a very helpful one) who helped the beginning of the fish battle, but Chris is the man.

My dad and I used to bass fish together in lakes near where I grew up. The largest fish I caught was 7 1/2 pounds while my dad landed an 8 pound bass. Both of those fish would barely qualify as bait compared to the trout that Shane and Chris caught. Well done, fellas.

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