Laramie County Fire District #2 personnel began training on their recently acquired ladder truck. The 1993  KME Aerial Cat was given to District 2 by F.E. Warren Air Force base at  no cost through the federal excess personal property program.

District 2 fire Chief Jason Coughey  says with new commercial and residential building construction in their district, the ladder truck is a welcome addition.  The ladder extends 102 feet. He says the truck will give District 2 the ability to have aerial support where they didn't before. Coughey says the training will include getting used to the size of the truck and how to maneuver the ladder truck through city streets. Coughey says because it is excess property, the life span of the truck will be short, probably only about five years.

Coughey says the addition of the ladder truck will also affect the ISO rating in District 2 as well, which could translate to savings on homeowners insurance for people who live in the district.