A proposal that would remove the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction as head of the State Education Department and transfer the agency's administrative duties to a new director to be appointed by the governor, passed second reading Tuesday.

The senate amended the bill to keep certain duties with the superintendent that are unrelated to running the department.Senate Education Committee Chairman, Senator Hank Co (SD-18) says he is okay with most of the amendments.

  well we put back some of the duties of the superintendent... not dealing with fiscal issues.

Cheyenne Senator Leslie Nutting (SD-7)says she thinks the bill is moving too fast.

 a major change like this should come at the knowledge and consent of the electorate...

Many lawmakers are hearing from their constituents about a proposal to raise the state's gas tax. Senator Stan Cooper (SD-14) is proposing a bill that would use some of the state's mineral money for roads, rather than increase in the gas tax.

 what I am trying to do in Senate File 109, that would bring down 1/2 of 1 percent of severance tax...to be able to fund highways....

Cheyenne Senator Wayne Johnson (SD-6) is sponsoring a bill that would restrict bus drivers from being on their cellphones will driving, except for when necessary. Johnson says it is a safety issue.

they are on the job, they have a busload of children that are their responsibility...

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