It's been a long strange road, or whatever half your friends put in their yearbook. We've made it to the end of summer, kind of. At least, this is the season finale for Fridays On The Plaza. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself on Fridays, honestly. I'll have to dig in further to find things, but I guess that's how it goes. A huge shout out to the city of Cheyenne for putting on these shows all summer long. There have been some excellent performances down on the Plaza, so they deserve so much credit.

With this being the final Fridays on the Plaza for 2021, we all really need to pack the plaza for the last two bands hitting the stage, because, they may be the best that have come to the Plaza all summer! No joke, what an awesome lineup tomorrow.

The Palms

These guys come to Cheyenne by way of California and describe their music as West Coast Psychedelia, with Hip Hop, Folk and more. They also say "fresh and uplifting". That sounds like we're going to have the Plaza really rocking.

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Whoa. These guys are good! They have a Foster The People kind of vibe. This is going to be an awesome performance.

The Foxies

These guys describe themselves as "thrashing punk energy and hypnotic pageantry of electronic pop". Before even hearing this band, it sounds like they'll fit in well with The Palms.

There are some really strong No Doubt vibes, minus the ska, coming from these guys. Tons of energy and looks like we're due for a great performance.

I'm really pumped now for these two performers. This is going to be the crown jewel of the 2021 version of Fridays On The Plaza. See you tomorrow night!

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