Let me be the first to welcome you to slow cooker season.

Fall is here and, to me, that means the arrival of slow cooker season. I got my first slow cooker from a roommate who was getting married and ended up with two slow cookers off of her registry. Without a receipt she couldn't return them so she gifted me one and it's been love ever since... with the slow cooker, I mean. Well, and the roommate as we still keep in touch.

I'm obsessed with cooking things low and slow. There's something therapeutic when you've got something cooking away throughout the day filling the house with wonderful aromas. For this same reason, we love Thanksgiving. Recently I went hunting for recipes online and found a website, 365 Days of Crock Pot, with a list of crock pot recipes for each state.


So what's listed for Wyoming? Beef and bacon hash. This one had me scratching my head, but then I reminded myself that it has bacon in it. This is loaded with beef, bacon, potatoes and veggies. Throw a fried egg on top when you serve it and you've got a hearty breakfast that will keep any cowboy full until the job is done.

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