Dashcam footage from the Weld County tornado on June 7 shows the moment the tornado forms and touches down. The dashcam footage was posted to YouTube by user Limited Edition Reviews.

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Footage from the commute on US Highway 85 is intense as the driver continues north towards the tornado and the intensity of the storm continued to grow.

According to the Denver Post, officials in Weld County are assessing the damage done by the twister that was on the ground for approximately a half-hour. Monday night's tornado traveled five miles northwest in the direction of Platteville.

The tornado was visible for miles throughout Northern Colorado and could be seen from the Denver Metro Area. The nearest city in the tornado's path was Fort Lupton and suffered no damage as the twister was on the edge of town.

The tornado did cross a dairy farm, currently, there is an unknown amount of animals lost in the incident. At least five homes were damaged and two were destroyed. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported from the Weld County tornado.

The National Weather Service has yet to officially classify the intensity of Monday's tornado. A report is expected later in the day on Tuesday.

Source: Youtube: Limited Edition Reviews - The Denver Post 

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