If you have friends in the Dakotas, you probably know that very few of them will turn down a dare. I mean this as a compliment. One guy in North Dakota got dared to challenge a rooster and quickly regretted it.

This special man vs rooster moment speaks for itself.

Here's how the person who captured the video described the confrontation. Please read this in your favorite North Dakota accent:

We went out to my parent's buffalo ranch. My sister was telling us about the one rooster that had an attitude. I dared my brother Justin to go over to the coop.

A rooster with an attitude? What rooster doesn't have an attitude?

If you'd like a laugh, Google "roosters with bad attitudes". That will lead you to a fun forum called Backyard Chickens. Here are a couple of my favorite comments:

Since I was a youngster there has been one fowl bird or another who ultimately would have been better off changing his pin sized brain. I know of no known(3 N's) cure save one. Dumplings.

Yep, had a lot of those-----I just take them to the Auction---tag his cage that he is a "Bad Boy" and the Meat Buyer usually gets him----so I know his days are numbered. Soon!

The fact that this guy who took on the rooster was from North Dakota made it even funnier to me knowing how my friends there are.

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