A project that's been in the works since 2016 will soon be a reality.​

Visit Cheyenne and its economic development partners announced Wednesday that they've raised the funds needed to construct a splash pad on the Depot Plaza.

In February, the City Council pledged $250,000 to the project with the condition that the remaining funds be privately raised by June 2019.

​"We had to raise about $300,000 as a community," said Darren Rudloff with Visit Cheyenne. "So now, 10 months later, we're here to say that, with all the cash received and the pledges made, we have now reached the goal to move forward with this project."

​"This proves public/private partnerships work," said Councilman Jeff White. "And if we are serious about trying to attract new businesses and a new workforce, then these are the types of projects that we need to work on and carry across the finish line."

Rudloff says more than 150 individuals, 120 businesses and 25 civic and non-profit organizations donated to the splash pad, but the chief fundraiser behind the project was Councilman Richard Johnson.

"You saw him everywhere around town with his bucket jangling," said Rudloff. "We all owe Richard a big round of applause and a lot of thanks for the heart and soul he's poured into this project in getting these funds raised."

"I panhandled like crazy," said Johnson. "And yes, if you're that concerned about it, I did panhandle homeless people and they did give me money, so everybody was involved in this."

Johnson says construction on the splash pad will likely start in September and be completed by the end of 2019.

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