Last week Reid interviewed Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh has spent years researching the WHY of Obama’s attack on American values, his rail against “the 1%”, his engineering our diminished presence in the world, and his loathing of Israel and Britain–born of background and world view– Dinesh’s research was in person on four continents–interviews including Obama’s brother in Nairobi.

The real reasons for our president’s distaste for American and Israeli “colonialism” and America’s middle class (the “1%” of world population in his mind) what it means if he is reelected. Worse than chilling–the upheaval in the middle east and economic chaos here ties right in.

BUT MORE…Reid debriefs the interview, and alerts you to a new, stunning official analysis–”Preparing for a Post Israel Middle East”…reveals who the investors in Romney’s Bain Capital are (yep–you will be shocked)…updates you on the further disintegration of Europe, and finishes with the wildly popular “Tips For Mitt” segment. Listen to it on the archives.