Well-known syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News analyst, Michelle Malkin endorsed Cindy Hill, candidate for Governor and Sheryl Lain, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Wyoming.

Malkin on her website said incumbent GOP Governor Matt Mead "faces a groundswell of conservative opposition over his pro-common core stance, duck-and-run refusal to answer a grassroots education group’s survey, and his administration’s disturbing power grab involving a ploy known as senate file 104."

Malkin added that Hill "has been a fierce and early opponent of common core, national testing, and data mining - which is why the establishment gop desperately wants her to lose." Click here for her full endorsement.

Major General Paul E. Vallely (ret) announced his endorsement of Cindy Hill as well. Vallely is a retired U.S. Army Major General and a former senior military analyst for Fox news.

Vallely stated that “Wyoming's current governor took the right to vote - a right americans died for- and did so in such a cavalier and casual manner, disrespecting every American who fought for this country. Without the right to vote, we have nothing. He said Cindy Hill is the only candidate for governor who has fought for the people’s rights-including the right to vote. Vallely went on to state that he is also endorsing hill because of her "stand in opposing the federal government in education.“