7:07AM MDT: Author/Columnist and world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge is back with host Dave Chaffin. He will talk about his recent column, 'Illusion of Permanency: Our Denial As a A Nation', Frosty says, "After the five part series on the ramifications of adding 100 million legal immigrants to the United States of America, I received countless letters stating that legal immigration did not constitute a problem.  Illegal immigration, however, remains the main problem.  As you can imagine, my jaw continues dropping to the floor when I read such outlandish balderdash.  In other words, my bringing to attention the exploding consequences of legal immigration fails to alert most Americans."

9:07 AM MDT: Wyoming State Superintendent, Cindy Hill is Dave's guest. She will talk about the recent session of the Wyoming Legislature and it's ramifications on public education in the State including their continuing efforts to make the education system more accountable.

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