A group of Cheyenne residents called "Christensen Connects" is making their case for voter approval of the Christensen Road Overpass Project on the Laramie County sixth-penny sales tax ballot.

The project, which is listed as Proposition 3 on the ballot, would allocate $15 million in sixth-penny sales tax money to build a link to connect Christensen Road between Commerce Circle and U.S. Highway 30, including a new bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad.

Wendy Volk of "Christensen Connects" cites several reasons for supporting the project.

She says one economic benefit of the project would be that visitors to the area who are traveling on Interstate 80 could get off on the Christensen-Campstool exit, drive north to Highway 30 and then directly access Dell Range Blvd. and all of the businesses located there. she says that would be helpful to local businesses and generally increase visitation to Cheyenne.

Volk says an even more important benefit would be the fact that emergency responders, including police, firefighters, and ambulances, would in many cases be able to respond more quickly to emergency situations in east Cheyenne and eastern Laramie County.

Volk also argues the project would in general, make travel in that area faster and more convenient.

Opponents of the items on the May 2 sixth-penny sales tax ballot say levying new taxes at a time when the state and local economies are not doing well doesn't make sense and would hurt local businesses.

There has also been widespread criticism of the way some of the ballot propositions are grouped together, with critics arguing some of the propositions include needed projects grouped together with what they consider luxury proposals in an effort to get approval for unneeded projects that couldn't win approval on their own.

However, Proposition 3 is a 'stand alone" proposal that includes no other proposed projects. You can view the entire Laramie County sixth-penny sales tax ballot here.

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