With heavy snow in the forecast, Black Hills Energy is reminding customers to keep natural gas meters clear of snow and ice.

Snow and ice buildup on your meter can create a safety hazard and even cut off the flow of gas to your furnace and appliances.

"Try to use a broom, try to use your hand, keep it free of a lot of snow buildup because it will freeze up on you and you won't be able to have heat in your house if it does that," said Janice Sanders, Black Hills Energy’s Gas Operations Foreman.

"If you can't get out to free up your meter we'll be more than happy to come out an do it for you," Sanders added. "Please don't use a shovel or an ice pick, you might go through the meter."

Sanders says if you smell gas or suspect a leak to leave the area immediately and call 911 or Black Hills Energy’s 24-hour emergency number at 1-800-694-8989.

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