The Cheyenne City Council on Monday night approved a heavily amended resolution allowing Steve Avila to move forward with this July's CABA World Series, but only under certain conditions.

​​The resolution requires Avila to pay all field use and player fees to the city no later than three days in advance of the tournament.

"Last time he failed to make all those payments and the Mustangs were left with trying to make up for that loss for all the people that needed to be paid," said Councilman Dicky Shanor.

The resolution also requires Avila to give 30 percent of his gross revenues from the tournament to the city within 30 days after the conclusion of the tournament.

​"I doubt 30 percent is going to be a full recovery for everybody for every dollar that they lost by this individual last year, but it sends a message to him that we aren't just going to let someone do that to the ​city and do that to our community," said Shanor.

"None of this should be about egos, all of this should be about principals," said Mustangs Assistant Coach Jay Folds. "Tonight principals win in the form of accountability, as well as good faith negotiations and gestures that ensure the community will benefit and the kids will get to play some baseball."

"The Mustangs are on-board with the proposed way forward and we will collectively root for Steve Avila to successfully deliver the promises he's made the city these past two summers," Folds added.

Councilmen Richard Johnson and Pete Laybourn and Mayor Marian Orr voted against the resolution.

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