Cheyenne realtor and mother-of-four Marcie Kindred has announced she's running for Wyoming House District 8 in 2020.

The Democrat says she wants a state legislature that accurately reflects its people, and she's hoping her run will inspire other women and underrepresented classes to get involved in the political process.

"I know the only way to ensure that Wyoming values are upheld at every level of our government is for all our citizens to actively participate," said Kindred.

"Every day I have conversations with my neighbors and every day I realize what good ideas we all have, but those ideas aren’t being heard in the legislature," she added.  "I'm committed to bridging that gap, listening to voters and bringing common sense to the legislature."

Republican Rep. Bob Nicholas has held the District 8 seat since 2011.  It's unclear whether he'll seek a sixth term.


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