Cheyenne City Councilman Rocky Case urged patience and cooperation on addressing on-going drainage issues in a Cheyenne subdivision in a Friday morning appearance on KGAB radio on Friday morning.

The Thomas Heights Subdivision has been plagued with severe drainage issues, as the newer neighborhood above drains runoff into the neighborhood below, including backed up sewage, according to at least one caller to the radio program. While the councilman struck a conciliatory tone, some residents did not appear to be in a mood for meetings or discussion.

At least one caller threatened legal action over the issue and even vowed to "write to the president". The caller said he was "tired of the b.s."

You can hear the entire interview with KGAB host Glenn Woods and councilman Case in the two videos attached to this article.

Part one is featured in the video at the top of this page, while part two can be heard in the video below.

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