The Cheyenne City Council on Monday night approved a resolution authorizing a one-time payment to full-time and permanent part-time city employees.

"We were very happy to see $1.8 million in reversions," said Council President Dicky Shanor. "We wanted to set not only an incentive for that for this year, but to tell you, 'Hey, we want to continue to give you a piece of that pie to encourage you to continue to save tax dollars in the future.'"

Councilman Mike Luna moved to amend the resolution by increasing the one-time payment from 10 percent to 14 percent of the overage funds from the 2017 fiscal year budget, but the amendment failed on a 7-3 vote.

"The amount that the employees are taking home in their pocket is not the point of this policy," said Shanor. "The point is we give them a percentage -- whatever that percentage ends up being in real dollars -- of what is reverted."

"It results in (a roughly) $240 bonus in one of the worst economic times in Wyoming history," Shanor added. "State employees haven't received a bonus in over five years, so I think we're ahead of the game by just even getting that 10 percent in."

The resolution excludes the Cheyenne Firefighters Local 279, but Shanor is sponsoring a resolution authorizing a one-time payment to each member of the bargaining unit in settlement of the grievance filed by the union against the city concerning health insurance benefits.

Pete Laybourn was the lone councilman to vote against the resolution.

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