Cheyenne City Councilman Dicky Shanor says one of his primary goals as City Council President will be to improve communication.

"When I talk about communication I mean it in three different sort of ways," said Shanor. "Communication amongst council, communication with the administration and trying to be as transparent and open as possible as a council and communicate directly with our constituents."

Shanor says one of the biggest issues that existed when he first got on the council in 2013 was poor communication between the council and administration.

"There wasn't the best communication channel," said Shanor. "We ended up having confrontations with the administration over things that probably could have been handled with just a casual meeting."

"This last year we really kind of broke through," Shanor added. "We had great channels, great communication and really resolved a lot of things that could have come to a head on the dais, but didn't, and so my goal is to establish an expectation that we will have systems in place where we are in contact with the administration regularly."

New Mayor Marian Orr has also vowed to improve communication between her office and the council and city staff.

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