People wanting to use their skateboard as a mode of transportation through downtown Cheyenne can now legally do so.

The Cheyenne City Council voted 6 to 3 Monday night to amend a section of the city code which prohibited skateboards and similar devices in the downtown area.

"It allows them to use a skateboard or a longboard as a method of transportation," said Councilman Dr. Mark Rinne, who sponsored the ordinance.

"If you're going to do anything other than just go through downtown, you're still required to get the property owners written permission," Rinne added.

Rinne says a lot has changed since the initial ordinance was passed twenty years ago.

"The skateboard and the populous that uses it has evolved from what it was back then," said Rinne. "I think there's a place for it to be used as transportation."

Council members Mike Luna, Annette Williams and Mayor Rick Kaysen voted against the ordinance. Councilman Richard Johnson was absent from the meeting.

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