Technology continues to make life more fun these days. Especially if you're a Chipoltle burrito lover. Google and Chipotle are working on delivering your burrito order by drone.

Yes, you read right. Google and Chipotle are working together to make your burrito experience even more exciting than it already is, and you won't even have to leave your office or job site.

According to one news source, limited testing is being done on a low populous participation, at a disclosed location in the Virginia Tech area.

Right now, the participants can order their burrito from a kiosk, and then prepared at a Chipotle food truck and then flown to the customers location.

Google's Project Wing and Mid-Atlantic Aviation have partnered together for the experiments. Only time will tell if we'll be able to order burritos and have them delivered by drone.

But whatever the find, the data will be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for review.



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