Residents of the greater Cheyenne area are being asked for their input on the community by the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.

The process of getting feedback started last week with meetings with focus groups and a steering committee meeting. Market Street Services of Atlanta has been hired to do research for a Community and Economic Development Strategy that will be developed using survey results.

An online survey is being conducted through the middle of next month. Chamber President and CEO Dale Steenbergen says the goal of the survey is to get input from a cross-section of the Cheyenne community, including not only business owners, but working people, students, senior citizens and everyone else who lives in Laramie County.

''If you want your voice to be heard, this is your chance," he said on Monday. The survey is geared towards finding out what people think about everything from recreational opportunities to housing to the local economy.

He says it will continue for about a month, and once the results are complete they will be forwarded to the Cheyenne City Council and Laramie County Commission as well as chamber members.

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