The Nebraska Panhandle was hit by some severe hail storms on Tuesday, with Sidney especially getting blasted with intense hail.

Some areas of Sidney got several inches of hail, resembling the aftermath of a winter blizzard in many cases.

Severe hail is not unusual in this part of the country. I was once told by a meteorologist that the area roughly between Denver and Cheyenne gets more hail than anywhere else in the world. Because much of that area tends to be sparsely populated, other areas may record more hail damage. But just in terms of getting a lot of hail and intense hail storms, we are on the shortlist most of the time.

But the storm in Sidney was pretty bad by any standards.

The video below was posted to Youtube.


At about the same time as the hail was pounding Sidney, a tornado was reported near Van Tassel, Wyoming. Several other funnel clouds were reported in Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle, but none are known to have touched down.

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