Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen is asking Cheyenne residents to support the idea of having an appointed city administrator make most day to day decisions about city government.

A measure was introduced in the Cheyenne City Council this week calling for a special election to change the form of city government. The measure has been referred to the council Committee of the Whole for consideration on Tuesday of next week.

The measure calls for a special election in November on the issue. If it's approved, the change would take effect after the current term of Mayor Rick Kaysen expires next year. Steenbergen predicts a savings to the city of at least $10 million annually if the change is approved by voters.

Many opponents of the proposal don't like the idea of having an appointed administrator who would answer to the city council making city decisions as opposed to a mayor who can be voted out of office by the voters.

If the proposal eventually wins city council approval, the special election would be held in November.