Casper Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying a missing female possibly from the areas of North Casper, or 1250 North Center.

The female is described as white, mid thirties to early forties, possibly weighing between 140-and 150 lbs, “dirty blond” colored hair below shoulder in length.

In the early hours of Saturday morning January 19th, an unidentified woman was heard to be yelling for help behind the residences of 1250 North Center.

As officers and firefighters arrived, they observed a female in the North Platte River clinging to ice along a body of open water.

During the rescue attempt, and before emergency personnel were able to reach her, the woman lost her grip and disappeared underneath the ice.

Her body has not been recovered at this time.

Any information pertaining to the identity of this woman should be directed to Casper Police Department Detective Gudahl or Hatcher at 307-235-8278.