If you've ever had a tape worm, then you know it's a nasty experience. They have been known to inhabit humans and lay eggs which causes all kinds of terrible symptoms.

Doctors have found a man who had HIV, in Columbia, who was experiencing fatigue, weight loss and coughing due to infestation of tapeworms. But not just your "normal" tapeworms.

These tapeworms had cancer and had infested the man with tumors. Doctors realized that the 41 year old man was not taking his HIV medications and had, what are called, dwarf tapeworms in his body.

The result of these tapeworms, according to doctors, was that the patient's stool was full of tapeworm eggs and he was extremely sick. Another scary addition to this account was that doctors initially thought that the cancer looked a lot like human. But according to the CDC, the cancer was not of human origin.

This is the first time a parasite was reported to have spread cancer to a human being.