Brad and Barbie Harrington, the publishers of the Liberty's Torch newspaper, are holding a special fundraiser today, Saturday, March 30, from 10AM until 6PM at the corner of 29th Street and Warren Avenue on the east side of Pando Park.  The fundraiser is to bring the community together, once again, and move solutions to school bullying forward. Monies raised will be donated to The Bullying Hurts Program and it's parent, The Nash Foundation for the purpose of creating a permanent bullying ombudsman program within the community, outside the Laramie County School District.

Marvin Nash, who along with his wife Darlene, are the original founders of The Nash Foundation and The Bullying Hurts Program, have been working with kids of all ages in schools and communities around the country and here in Wyoming for many years to help train educators, parents, and concerned community members the seriousness of and ways to prevent school bullying.

Recently, Nash was contracted on a short-term temporary basis as Bullying Ombudsman by Laramie County School District #1 to act as liaison between parents and children who were victims of bullying and school administrators, following the tragic death of Carey Jr. High School student, Alexander Frye, after he had been severely bullied.Nash says he was able to help many parents in the short time he was contracted, work with the district to resolve bullying problems.

The District, however, has not renewed Nash's contract to continue his services, but many in the community have continued to contact Nash for assistance with bullying issues. Because of this, Nash plans on moving forward, outside the auspices of the district, to continue to offer ombudsman services and bullying education opportunities to the community, however, in order to accomplish this, will need the necessary funding.

Enter Liberty's Torch and the Harringtons who have organized today's fundraiser on behalf of Bullying Hurts and The Nash Foundation. They are asking residents and businesses to step up and donate what they can to allow the Bullying Hurts Program to move forward and continue to be able to help resolve school bullying in Cheyenne and the surrounding area. The Harringtons and Marvin Nash will be set up on the corner of 29th and Warren across from the Laramie County School District #1 Offices, to talk with the community about this important effort and will accept donations from 10A.M. until 6P.M. at that location. Donations are tax deductible as The Nash Foundation is a 501 3C  non-profit organization.