Longtime Cheyenne City Councilman and former mayoral candidate Jim Brown is endorsing Amy Surdam for the mayor's seat.

"After working with her through the DDA for the past several years, I really believe that Amy and I have the same vision for the future of Cheyenne," said Brown.

"Though we may take different paths, I think overall she and I share a common goal to keep Cheyenne moving forward and making it the best city on the front range," Brown added.

Brown, who has served on the council for ten years, received the fourth highest number of votes in the primary and hopes those who voted for him in August will support Surdam on November 8.

"We had seven candidates that absolutely had no chance of doing anything," said Brown. "When you add up all of those votes, there's a couple thousand votes there."

"I think an endorsement from one of the top four candidates probably does weigh with a lot of people," added Brown. "After all, I did get nearly 2,000 votes and those people, I think, believed in me then and they'll probably take to heart my endorsement for Amy."

Surdam will square off against Marian Orr, who won the primary with 27.66 percent of the vote. Tuesday's winner will be Cheyenne's first woman mayor.

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