UPDATE: Black Hills Energy spokeswoman Sharon Fain says Cheyenne residents as well as other Black HIlls Energy customers across Wyoming are eligible for the free trees. She says a computer problem on Friday which led to Cheyenne residents being told they are ineligible for the trees has now been fixed. She encouraged anyone who received the message when applying for the trees to re-apply.

Black HIlls Energy and the Arbor Day Foundation are giving away 1,100 free trees to Black Hills Energy customers who ask for them, according to utility spokeswoman Sharon Fain.

She says the trees will be given away, one per household, to people who register online starting today.

The giveaway is only for Black Hills Energy customers and the trees are being given away on a first come, first served basis.

The trees are four-foot tall dormant trees suited for Wyoming's climate. Several different varieties are available, according to Fain.

They include Bur Oak, Shadblow Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud, Kentucky Coffeeberry, Swamp White Oak, and Northern Red Oak.

She says the trees will be delivered in October, and reminds everyone to call 811 to have any underground utility lines marked as required by law. The utility line marking can also be scheduled online,

Fain says the trees are being given away to encourage energy conservation and as a benefit to Black Hills Energy customers.

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