If the lines of local enthusiasts and community members standing in cold, misty weather was any indication, it appears the Union Pacific 4014, or "Big Boy," is absolutely welcome in our city.

Parking lots surrounding the Depot were jam packed, with onlookers spilling out of buildings, taking up space on sidewalks, and circling the block...even as the steam engine rolled into town around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

The largest steam engine in the world, the 4014, made its way from California to be spruced up, fixed and fully restored to its original glory. Rumor has it, the restoration project could take as long as 5 years. So if you weren't able to see it up-close-and-personal today, you'll have some time in the future to take a gander. We've been assured there will be showings and other informative tours to come.

In the mean time, enjoy the videos and photos our staff were able to snap as we relived our childhood dreams of seeing one of these bad boys up close.

You can also see a rare look inside the train's steam engine or find out about it's temporary location.