Colorado is a little bit more to the left, politically than Wyoming. The last time that happened it caused a bit of an influx of refugees into Wyoming.

The Colorado governor is a fan of higher regulations and taxes. He is not a fan of coal gas and oil. Some in those organic fuel industries are worried that they might not be able to do business in Colorado at all. That could mean that an entire industry might just move up to Wyoming.

Well, there is plenty of room up here. So, no problem. But before you make that move north we here in Wyoming need just one little thing from you.

You see, Wyoming plans to stick to little government and big liberty. That means you cannot take your Colorado politics with you when you come up here.

So, You'll need to sign the Wyoming oath.

I wrote this a year ago. Glad I hung on to it. Seems we will be needing it again.

1). I ___________ hereby understand that Wyoming is a quiet state because there are so many guns. 'An armed society is a polite society.' I understand that I will not be required to own a gun, but it is sort of seen as an embarrassment if I don't own at least six or more.

2). As a citizen of Wyoming I_____________ understand that I will be expected to earn my own way. It is expected that I will help those in need, but being in need of help is never to be a permanent condition.

3). I ___________ understand that I am to mind my own business, as those around me are expected to mind their own.

4). It is understood that I __________ am expected to make fun of Colorado, even if that is where I escaped from.

5). I ____________ promise that I will never ask where the 'safe space' is. I will 'cowboy up' and deal with it.

If you are planning to move up here please fill in your name and send it to us, --- first.

Thank you.

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