Senator Barrasso of Wyoming has been one of President Biden's staunchest critics since Biden's inauguration. Over the last week, his criticisms of Biden have reached a fever pitch regarding the way in which the president has handled the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.

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President Biden spoke to the masses today in an address to the nation. In it, he said that the military airlift to extract more than 120,000 Afghans, Americans, and other allies was an 'extraordinary success.'

Senator Barrasso disagreed. In a statement he posted to various social mediums, Barrasso said the entire process has been a disaster.

"We lost 13 brave Americans in Afghanistan last week," Barrasso wrote. "There are still American citizens stranded behind enemy lines. And President Biden considers this operation an 'extraordinary success?'"

Barrasso continued, writing that "The entire Afghanistan withdrawal has been a disaster. The only thing President Biden is right about is that he bears full responsibility for it. The United States is less safe today due to President Biden's actions and complete lack of leadership."

Barrasso also appeared on Fox News, stating that "The Biden Administration's withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan has been handled terribly, no matter where you stand on the issue."

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