Supporters of an effort to have Weld County, Colorado leave that state and become part of Wyoming are launching a petition drive to get the issue before the voters In November.

That's according to a post on the ''Weld County, Wyoming" Facebook page. The page says the following petition has been drafted and will be circulated as soon as the "signatures page" is printed.

Here is the petition as shown on the Facebook page:

''We, the voters of Weld County, request the Weld County Commissioners place a ballot question for the November 2021 ballot.
We wish the Commissioners to ask the people of Weld County to vote “yes” or “no” on the following issue;
To give the Commissioners power to represent the citizens of Weld County in exploring the option to move Weld County to Wyoming. This power will include the responsibility to approach the State Houses of Colorado and Wyoming, the Governors of both states, as well as state officials in order to establish what the requirements are to ensure smooth transition of the move."
Organizers of the ''Weld County, Wyoming" movement have told Townsquare Media of Cheyenne in past interviews that they think the county is politically, culturally, and economically more in tune with Wyoming than it is modern-day Colorado.
Among other issues, they say Colorado has become hostile to gun rights and the oil and gas industries. They insist they are very serious about eventually becoming part of Wyoming.
Such a move would need congressional approval as well as agreement from both Wyoming and Colorado before becoming a reality.
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