I'm sure your pet wants to get in on the Halloween fun.

It's Halloween week and everyone seems to be extra giddy, especially around our office. We love to dress up on the big day. We even have a company-wide costume contest which totally ups the ante. It's sure to be a fun day all around.

But what about your dog? Is your pooch in costume this year? I see plenty of outfits at the store for humans, dogs, cats... heck, there are even spooky decorations for bird cages and fish tanks. So is your lil' companion getting into the spirit?

According to Google searches and some data crunched by Canine Journal, we're not as likely to put our animals in costume in Wyoming. From their research they created a top 20 list of states most likely to dress up their dog for Halloween. I find this really hard to believe. We are an animal-loving state and I highly doubt we'd leave man's best friend out.

There's no way we're not dressing our dogs up for Halloween, right?

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