There are many "conspiracy" theories out there in the world and many are just that, conspiracy and are unbelievable.

Join me, Gary Freeman of Across America, as we talk with Author Anthony R Howard about his book "The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox" based on real, behind the scene events that take place right here in America and across the world. Click through the jump to hear this extraordinary interview based on experience and not just a book!

About the Author:

Anthony R. Howard has been an industry recognized consultant for the premier global technology firms for over 12 years. Presently he is a leading Advanced Systems Consultant for one of the world’s largest Information Technology firms where he was the winner of the National Federal Office Systems Award (FOSE - Nation’s Largest Information Technology Exposition Serving the Government Marketplace), and the 2004 winner of Government Computer News Best New Technology Award. Several case studies have been published on Howard’s solutions across the Information Technology industry. Currently he provides enterprise technology solutions and advisement for America’s most distinguished clients including a sizeable amount of work for the U.S. Defense Sector, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security. After founding his own technology firm, Howard completed his formal education with a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. His vast career has included controlling hundreds of devices worldwide from secure Network Command Centers to relocating overseas to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for more than a year to solve technology issues for American based companies. He has also worked briefly for a private military logistics corporation that contracts a sizable amount of work from the Department of Defense and other military institutions.

About the Book:

There is a secret that will bring America to its knees. A Dept of  Defense Insider reveals this dark secret while making one of the most astounding correct predictions of the decade. In his bestselling novel, The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox, the capture of Anna Chapman, Juan Lazaro, Vicky Pelaez and the others in the alleged Russian spy ring are remarkably, and correctly predicted. There are uncanny and odd similarities between Howard’s characters and the alleged Russian spies recently captured. From their placement, recruitment, communication methods, country of origin, encryption methods, agendas, even down to their physical descriptions and names, Howard proves himself as a bestselling author with untold foresight. In this breath-taking novel, Howard also reveals the inner workings of intelligence organizations, and exciting emerging technology.

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