CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The 90th Missile Wing at Wyoming's F.E. Warren Air Force Base has a new commander.

Col. Stacy Huser assumed command of the "Mighty Ninety" following a ceremony Friday. She was most recently the commander of the 91st Operations Group at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

Huser takes the reins from Col. Stephen Kravitsky, who assumed command of the 90th Missile Wing in June 2015.

The missile wing, operating 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, changes commanders every two years. Huser now oversees its 4,200 personnel, who operate, maintain and secure the battle-ready missiles deployed in areas of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado.

Huser says she will take her first couple of months in command to look at strengths and weaknesses on the base.

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