Comparison, .50 caliber bullet and 5.56mm bullet (Photo: GlobalCop,

After a .50-caliber bullet ended up going through the roof of a home nearly a mile away from a Natrona County shooting range, ammunition larger than .40-caliber has been banned at that range.

The Natrona County Commission passed the ban at the Poision Spider Shooting Range on Tuesday.  The range is on county land and is used by the Platte River Rod and Gun Club.  A full-time supervisor must also be on site.

Homeowner Will Duel said the bullet hit his metal roof in September and he believes it came from the shooting ranged, based on its log.  Gun club attorney Pat Holscher said he’s not sure that the bullet came from the range.

According to an Associated Press story, no one at Tuesday’s meeting had seen the results of the sheriff’s investigation yet.

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