We have heard weird stories all of our life and from different people. But are they true? It's funny to hear weird, but true stories from the Cowboy State. You can't make this stuff up.  Here are 5 weird stories or accounts that are actually true in Wyoming. This is probably what makes the Cowboy State - uniquely Wyoming.

  1. 2 Escalators - The state of Wyoming is the home of only 2 escalators. That is really incredible. Both escalators are in Casper, Wyoming and are housed at the First National Bank and the Hilltop National Bank.
  2. Garage Built Nuclear Fusion Reactor - In Newcastle, Wyoming a 16 year old kid named Conrad Farnsworth, built the Nuclear Fusion Reactor in his dads garage. Built next to his dads 1972 Chevy and consisting of wires, buttons and whatnot's, the reactor reaches a temperature of 600 degrees at the heart of it. Fusion involves multiple atoms joining together to form a heavier nucleus which either absorbs or releases energy.
  3. Who Ya Gonna Call? - Well, it probably shouldn't be the police and especially if you are a fugitive. That's what Richard Vincent of Prineville, Oregon did when he ran out of gas in Evansville, Wyoming. He was wanted in Georgia for violating parole on a murder and escape conviction. He is back behind bars.
  4. Alleged U.F.O. Sightings - F.E. Warren Air Force Base was being accused for not being completely truthful about a communication outage at a missile site back in 2011. Six former Air Force officers and enlisted men stated that they'd seen or had directly been involved with sighting U.F.O.'s near missile sites from the beginning of the cold war through the 1970's.
  5. Huge Ant Fossil - Sitting in a drawer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the fossil ant drew some attention. The huge fossil ant was originally found at a Wyoming fossil site called the Green River Formation. Some say the giant ant or "titan" is 50 million years old.

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