Many Wyoming towns have banned fireworks inside the city limits. Sure that makes sense, I mean who wants to be the one who started their town on fire. But that really kills a great American tradition and ruins your backyard party.

Here are 5 replacement ideas:

1). As soon as it gets dark you and all of your friends stand out in the street and make fireworks noises at the top of your lungs. The whistling sound of it going up, and the BANG of the explosion. That might sound lame but get enough of you doing it, with enough beer involved, and you'll have a great time.

2). Do you have a garbage can lid and other noisy ways of making noise? You'll need something to beat them with. Trust me it's a great stress reliever.

3). Exclaiming "OHHH" and "AHH" every time car light go by gets weirder the more you do it. If for some odd reason the cops show up at your backyard party, or anywhere on your street, stand around the cop car and "OHH" and "AAAHH at their pretty cop car lights.

4). Get those Christmas tree lights out. But don't hang them. Plug them in and twirl them in the air. It's a great light show without the fire danger. Mostly without.

5). Saving the best for last: Two words Mentos & Cola. The more of both the better. You can still shoot them high like fireworks but it is wet so you can't start a fire.


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